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Christians in Science is an international network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers, students and all those with an interest in this dialogue. The common misperception that there is always conflict between science and faith can be abused by those with anti-Christian or anti-science agendas. In reality science has always been the domain of many committed Christians and CiS exists to support such Christians.

CiS South West is a local group established in 2005 by a group of like-minded Christians and runs events about twice a year. Our aim is to connect and support anyone with an interest in science and faith in Devon and Cornwall. Our local committee members are available to speak or preach on a variety of science-faith topics. We can be contacted via email.

David Curry, Exeter Diocese Environmental Adviser; 
co-ordinator for the Devon Living Churchyards scheme. Speaks on: the work of A Rocha, and living churchyards.

Rev David Evans, Co-ordinating Chaplain, Plymouth University; Baptist minister and historian. Speaks on: understanding Genesis; general science/faith topics from a non-scientists point of view.

Dr Matt Frost, Deputy Director, Marine Biological Association. Science: science-policy interface and benthic (seabed and beach)  ecology. Speaks on: general faith/science and environmental issues for church groups and public.

David Huntley, Emeritus Professor of Physical Oceanography, Plymouth University. Science: physics of waves and currents in coastal seas; sand movement on shorelines. Speaks on: physics, environmental and general faith/science issues for church groups and schools.

Dr Mike Kent, free-lance science writer and independent researcher into movement ecology; former Head of Cornwall College Newquay. Speaks on: biological, environmental and general faith/science topics for church groups, schools and colleges in Cornwall.

Professor John Spicer, Marine Zoology, Plymouth University. Science: biodiversity; physiology; biological response to climate change. Speaks on: generalscience/faith topics, history of science and Christianity.

Katie van Santen, science communicator and lay preacher; qualifications in marine biology, science teaching and theology. Speaks on: interpreting Genesis, care of creation, and general science/faith issues.

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