resources for schools

These are general resources that can be used by teachers, along with the websitesbooks, and speakers.

"Being a Christian in" leaflets

Being a Christian in... 

set of leaflets about scientific disciplines written by a Christian student and a Christian academic in that field. Explain how a science career can be a calling, what issues may come up and how these can be understood and overcome

God and the Big Bang Logo
God and the Big Bang

provides materials and delivers courses for teachers and school events

"Thinking about" leaflets
Thinking about...

set of leaflets for non-scientists to help address particular science-faith issues. Written by academics who are experts in the subject and Christians. Introducing the basic science and how this may or may not fit with a biblical understanding, and how they can be reconciled

Faraday Papers
Faraday Papers

short, academic but accessible papers on science-faith topics written by experts in their fields.

Cover current topics and history, some more science-based and some more philosophical

Test of Faith resources
Test of Faith

lesson plans for GCSE and A Level groups. Plus course for home schoolers

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