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A Rocha

a Christian charity that encourages natural conservation projects, such as Eco Church, and ecological research to protect and restore the natural world. Provides ideas for worship, sermon outlines and environmental resource packs

Be Thinking

aimed mainly at post-16 students, a wide range of science and religion resources

Big Questions

aimed mainly at post-16 students, a wide range of science and religion resources


established by Francis Collins in 2007. Resources for teachers and church leaders focusing on the harmony between science and biblical faith, presented through an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation

Christians in Science

an international network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith. Provides leaflets, articles and further reading

Faraday Institute

a wide range of courses and materials for teaching Science and Religion

God and the Big Bang

provides materials and delivers courses for teachers and school events

International Society for Science & Religion

aiming to facilitate dialogue between science and religion. It has produced several statements and discussions of interest to the nexus of science and religion. Excellent links to related resources, including lesson plan downloads for RE

Learning about Science and Religion Project

materials for science and RE lessons for Years 6-13, but also useful for adults

Messy Church Science

a Scientists in Congregations funded project with science-based Messy Church plans

Science and Religion
in Schools

lessons and multi-faith resources for Primary and Secondary schools

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

a detailed, academic encyclopaedia entry. Accessible account of relationship between faith and science and a good source of further reading

St John’s College

project with the aim of ‘Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science’. The site provides information on the Scientists in Congregation project, shares useful resources and act as a reference point for those within the Church, but also those outside of it, who are interested in the interplay between science and Christianity

Test of Faith

introductory resources on science and Christianity for both adults and young people, including church groups, schools and home schooling

Wesley Nexus 

a US network for Christians exploring issues at the interface of science and faith. Provides a useful article entitled Guidelines for Healthy Dialogue and links to
other resources in the UK and USA

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